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overtimeplz's Journal

Ashley Graham
18 February
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Ashley Graham was born to Congressman Graham and his lovely wife in 1984. For the first three years of her life Ashley lived the ideal life for a toddler. Her parents doted on her, and there was nothing that she wanted for. However, in October of her third year, an unoperable tumor was found in her mother's brain. The next two years were the hardest the Graham family would ever have to face. On January 25, 1990, Mrs. Graham died, devastating both young Ashley and her father.

The years passed, slowly at first, and then far more quickly than either of the Grahams would have liked. The pain of Mrs. Graham's death finally faded to a manageable level. Ashley grew up, and her father progressed in hsi career.

During her mother's illness and for a few years after the woman's death, Ashley was very introverted. Finally, Ashley began to slowly come out of her shell. She began to make friends, slowly at first and then much faster. By high school she was one of the most popular girls in school. She was also quite intelligent, graduating in the upper part of her class. She then followed high school up with a college in Massachussettes.

Once in college, Ashley began to work on recieving a degree in political science, an interest sparked by her father's own career. During her time in college, her father also began to run for president. In 2004, he was finally elected the new president of the United States. No one realized the danger that placed Ashley in.

In December 12, 2004, Ashley Graham went missing. She had left university to go home for the holidays and never made it to Washington D.C. The car she was riding in had been hijacked, and she was rendered unconcious. She woke up what she assumed was the next day in what appeared to be a storage room. She was stuck there for two days before being found by Leon Kennedy, an agent sent by her father to save her. The next day and a half were a literal hell for Ashley. She witness death and disease on a scale she had never imagined impossible. While in Spain, she also met Luis Sera. She grew to have fond feelings toward him as well as Leon. His death destryed a large bit of what little of her sanity was left in that hell hole. She was seperated from her savior three more times before they finally escaped the hell hole in Spain. The jet ski ride from the island to the mainland was all a blur in her terrified and exhausted state. Once on the mainland, Ashley was swept up in a flurry of government officials and doctors. She was scurried onto a jet to take her back to the U.S. where she fell asleep. TBC
Name: Ashley Graham
Age: 42
Height: 5' 6"
Bloodtype: O
Hair: Blonde
Love Interest:

Het, yaoi, yuri?

Any other notes?

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Dislaimer: Original character property of Capcom, played for projectnewdawn.
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